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My Benefits Coach International (MBCI) focuses on strategy, execution and ongoing benefits administration. Our products and services reflect the strength of our commitment to delivering seamless, consistent, high-quality and world-class client service - with local service and down-to-earth fee structures.

MBCI has helped some of California's most dynamic companies develop into market leaders. We have worked with some of the world's top brokerage firms as trusted business advisors to top clients. Our experience gives us the broad scope and vision to really see where a company stands and where it is headed. We want to partner with you on the journey to market leadership.

What's your game plan? First you have to be aware of what stage your business is in. There are typically three distinct growth profiles:

  • Emerging business — Companies concentrate on identifying their specific market opportunity, available funding sources and the right people to help rev up the business. Usually will select core benefits only, though comprehensive enough to keep current employees happy and attract new ones.
  • Rapid-growth business — Companies focus on becoming the supplier of choice for their most valuable customers, on managing expansion and monitoring the bottom line while securing additional capital to accelerate growth. Typically flesh out benefits in this stage to compete for top talent and support the growth mode. It is imperative to keep abreast of what the competitor is offering as far as compensation and benefits. May begin to classify employees to offer more comprehensive programs for executive management.
  • Next-generation market leader — For companies with a constant eye on global presence, their attention will turn to working effectively across international markets, trying to balance entrepreneurial spirit with corporate culture and ensuring they optimize their capital structure to help meet shareholder expectations. A comprehensive, customized benefits program utilizing the latest in online enrollment and servicing technology is essential. So is comprehensive benefits communication.

Each growth profile demands a specific strategy not only to provide meaningful and comprehensive employee benefits, but to communicate them properly throughout the organization using whatever new technologies the company culture will allow. Whether a multi-national or multi-state PowerPoint via WebEx is required, or a simple person-to-person coaching session is in order, your company can achieve a world-class, customized benefits program by successfully addressing specific challenges:

  • Adopt an annual evaluation, selection and implementation process. Include a timeline to keep all parties on track and tasks performed on time.
  • Forecast. Know your budget for benefits and plan for company growth and market trend cost increases.
  • Manage company risk by devising short- and long-term strategies - game plans - so you are prepared for any of the curveballs life inevitably will toss you or your business.
  • Adopt a system for the ongoing communication of benefits and related human resources components. New online technologies help ease the administrative burden for the human resources professional. Research them.
  • Create customized benefits packets for recruitment and new hire purposes. They help give your company a polished and sophisticated edge and could be the difference between you landing the talent or not. They are a great leave-behind.
  • Communicate with your broker often - the good, the bad and the ugly. They are there to help you and are paid to help you. Timely troubleshooting tames the tiger. Make the call.

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