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We provide the following services for free to companies who select us as the broker for their group policies. However, we are happy to offer them for a fee to companies that desire professional enrollment and benefits communication services only.

A Customized, Professional Presentation To Put The Corporate Annual Employee Benefits Orientation In Focus

Many brokers help you put your program together and, if you are a large company, assist with pricing negotiations. But their involvement often stops there and they leave the employee enrollment orientations up to the carrier representatives. This can work; however, what we find is open enrollment often ends up being a snore fest where the employees absorb little of the information that may be vital to help them access health care appropriately and efficiently.

We are licensed insurance professionals who also have solid backgrounds in communications and public speaking. This unique combination enables us to put together engaging, interactive presentations that create a learning environment for an otherwise unwilling audience. Hey, we are very aware most folks would rather have the skin peeled from their eyeballs than sit through an insurance meeting. (We hope you'll forgive the visual.)

We have worked with all of the major insurance carriers (companies) licensed to conduct business in California, so have access to plan summaries for medical, dental, vision, short- and long-term disability, long-term care, employee assistance programs, chiropractic and acupuncture riders and much, much more. These are legally approved by each carrier and we use them as a basis to flesh out the presentation to ensure accuracy of the information. We also add information in regard to the practical application of the plans, e.g. some how-tos and what-fors to help the employees navigate their plans and the medical system with a little more agility. We use examples and tell stories from personal experience, as these are often the best ways to get the message across.

Increase Participation In Your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) And Save The Company And The Employees Money

We have a presentation that specifically addresses premium-only plans (POPs), health reimbursement accounts and dependent care accounts. It describes what these tax-savings vehicles are in layman's terms. Often during the presentation an employee raises a hand to comment on how they would have participated more and a lot sooner in the plans if only somebody explained how it all works so they could understand it. Increased participation means savings for the employees. It also means savings for the company and helps lower Workers Compensation costs, too.