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Nana Always Said: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

We have served southern California's individuals and families, small businesses and large corporations in various insurance capacities for 20 years. We are involved in many fine local, regional and national professional associations, and we give back to the community whenever and however we can.

People say they like us because we are seasoned and personable enough to boil technical terms down to the essence. So much so that the employees at a large local pharmaceutical firm applauded and cheered after one of our customized employee benefits meetings. (Read it again and , yes, you will still see "cheered" and "employee benefits meetings" in the same sentence.)

We also like to think our experience speaks for itself. It includes and is not limited to:

  • Helping a budding local high tech business cover employees in Seattle and Frankfurt, too;
  • Helping a local biotech manage company growth from just under 300 employees to nearly 1,500 (and that's just San Diego);
  • Showing a two-employee real estate development startup how to gather the documents required to implement a group plan so they would have something to offer new hires;
  • Finding a solution for an anxious mom whose daughter in Africa just informed her she's decided to stay another semester - and her insurance ends at the end of the month, which is next Monday.
  • Showing a local small group manufacturer how to ethically avoid an issue that would have doubled their company medical plan premium.
  • Helping a local mortgage network company grow from 90 to 800 employees in 10 months while saving them more than $200,000 in annual premium.