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We are a full-service, passionate employee benefits firm that provides companies with a back office for the ongoing administration of whatever lines of coverage and value-added services they decide to offer their employees.

This page describes the following topics.

  • Free services provided by My Benefits Coach International to our benefits customers including a basic online benefits administration system.
  • Fee-based premier services.
  • How we get paid.
  • What you should expect from your broker/agent.

We provide the following services free of charge

for companies who have selected us as their broker of choice, and for a fee for companies that already have a good broker and simply want professional enrollment and employee communications assistance. When we are the broker ,we offer the following services for free:

  • We start with a formal program evaluation and provide an assessment report.
  • We teach a professional process for ongoing benefits administration - a solid method that takes the madness out of the equation. It involves a workable timetable to keep everyone on track.
  • We secure market bids in concert with your benefits team - which often includes human resources and may involve the chief financial officer for final decisions - and work with you in regard to making plan selections that make sense (from traditional medical and dental to wellness plans such as chiropractic, acupuncture, employee assistance programs, FlexScan and much more).
  • We are fully involved in initial and renewal assistance for small businesses and full-scale pricing negotiations for large groups.
  • We prepare customized, professional PowerPoint presentations for executive management and also for the open enrollment employee orientation. You approve the final draft and they are yours to keep for future reference and to show to new hires during the year.
  • Assistance with open enrollment. Every time. We teach you a process that ensures everyone still has all their hair in the end.
  • State-of-the-art online benefits administration tool through HealthConnect that offers administrative and employee access to help you manage your benefits year-round. And it comes with full technical support.
  • We also offer the option of employee brown bag luncheon seminars on topics such as how much life insurance do they really need, when should they look into long-term care, what services are available for aging parents, etc.

The following services are provided for an additional cost and can be integrated with the free basic online administration tool to streamline core human resources functions:

  • Human Resources Professional Hotline. Got a serious question? Get serious help from a seasoned professional.
  • Payroll Services. And savings through Chicago-based SurePay. The average company pays 30-40% less compared with the fees of the leading payroll companies. And because it's integrated with your online HR tool, it makes you more productive and saves the company money.
  • COBRA Administration. (May be provided for free by MBCI depending on company size). When integrated with the online HR tool, it makes the process nearly fool-proof.

How do you get all this? By choosing My Benefits Coach International as your broker today. Just call +1 800 551 5505 or email us at guru@mybenefitscoachintl.com.

We also offer insurance solutions for individuals and families. Whether you are self-employed, a foreign national, or just need short-term coverage between jobs, we listen to you, evaluate your true needs, research and present you with options, then assist you with enrollment and are available to help you year after year.

How we get paid: Licensed, professional insurance agents and brokers are paid a commission by the carrier for each line of coverage that is placed. If we place your dental with Principal, Principal pays us. Whether you buy directly from them or from us, you pay the same premium. The benefit of having an agent/broker behind you is to help cut the red tape and keep you from spending production time running in circles on your cell. Sure, you can enroll online with no agent contact. But what happens when your spouse is in an accident or you find your child is in Children's awaiting a diagnosis? That's when we really shine. We take care of the details so you can focus on what really matters.

Any fees charged would be applied for services rendered that are separate from the business of securing lines of coverage, such as for customized recruiting materials or COBRA administration, which would require specialized expertise. And in such cases, you would have reviewed a proposal and signed an agreement giving us the go-ahead to implement them for you. We will never implement a product or line of coverage without your full knowledge and consent.

What has your broker done for you lately? When an agent helps you or your company enroll in benefits, he or she gets paid every month when you pay your premium. For individuals and families, while member services is the best place to call if you lost your ID card or have a quick benefits question, your agent is also there to help you. If you receive odd bills in the mail after a procedure and customer service is giving you the go-around, call your agent.

As far as what companies should expect from a broker:

  • For small businesses (defined in California as having 2-50 employees), renewal rates are released to you and to your agent about 45 days prior to the anniversary of your group policy. If your company benefits renew on October 1st, for example, you should expect a call from your agent mid-August or so. And you should be watching for your copy in the mail. Your agent will calculate the increase and discuss with you the value of conducting a market check to see if you can save money while not affecting the level of benefits too much. If you do switch plans, the agent should assist with the enrollment process.
  • For mid-sized and large companies (51+ employees in California), your broker service team should be in constant contact with you. You should meet six months prior to renewal to discuss market trends, any projected changes in employee count and how the in-force insurance plans are performing. Renewal rates for large groups typically are released 90 days prior to the renewal of your large group policies. Your broker should work with you to glean a list of your priorities and put together a timeline of deadlines for tasks to be performed by you, them and the insurance carriers. This helps keep everyone on track, preventing unnecessary hair-pulling two weeks prior to the renewal.
  • Also for mid-sized and large companies, your broker should help you stay abreast of compliance issues and new state or federal legislation that could affect your program. Some topics of discussion should be COBRA administration, flexible spending accounts and other tax-savings vehicles such as health reimbursement accounts (HRAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs).