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Ever wonder what a deductible is and how the heck it can affect you? Why you can’t make changes to your health plan whenever you want or why you got that scary medical bill in the mail and why the heck it wasn’t covered in the first place?  Or maybe you’re turning 65 soon and don’t know how to activate your Medicare benefits and make sense of your supplemental health plan options?

It’s confusing.  We know.  We can help.

Health insurance can be tedious, mind-numbing, soul-sucking stuff, but it’s just like country music or opera – we typically don’t like what we don’t understand.  Allow us to help you understand it.  (We love country music and opera, by the way.  There simply are artists that work for you and some who don’t in every genre.  Health plans are the same way:  Some will work for you, others won’t.  We’ll help you understand the difference.)

Welcome to My Benefits Coach International Insurance Solutions, an insurance brokerage that’s all about stuff that benefits YOU.  We’re here to help business owners, administrators, and consumers of all ages avoid the pitfalls of today’s health insurance costs and coverage and, yeah, have a little fun in the process. We offer a benefits-for-dummies insurance plan education, selection and enrollment approach that will help make topics like federal and state legislation go down like a spoonful of grape-flavored medicine (that’s the only kind we like) so you and your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors can be engaged, empowered, compliant, and generally stay out of trouble.

Understanding and choosing health plans while minding your budget can be a big headache.  We at My Benefits Coach International Insurance Solutions not only have the remedy for that, but will help you devise a game plan to prevent future headaches and hair loss (caused by approaching individual or company health policy anniversaries, ie. the oft-dreaded employee benefits annual open enrollment).


About My Benefits Coach 2


The long experience of our founder, Karen Marie Hsu, comprises assessing, negotiating, communicating and implementing customized and competitive benefits policy packages for small, mid-sized and large clients – many being award-winners in their respective fields – in myriad industries with locations stateside and abroad.

She also helps drive health care reform compliance through deep knowledge of federal and state regulations. Implementing “technology with a human touch,” she supports businesses and consumers by offering done-for-you, customized new-hire benefits materials and online benefits human resources and administration tools (HRIS); offers in-person and remote training, benefits education, and enrollment 1:1 sessions through a team of seasoned, professional benefits advisors; and provides a done-for-you, no-contact open enrollment process at no cost.

With her 25+-year career of continued professional advancement, she has a depth of valuable and diversified leadership experience and consistent achievements in driving innovative, cost-effective client and colleague development initiatives that produce substantive results in employee morale through engagement and development. (Phew!  That’s a mouthful.  Yet we continue…) Her dynamic ability to conceptualize, recommend, and direct all aspects of product evaluation and education and program implementation processes sets her apart from the rest in her field.  While others play checkers, she masters chess.


My Benefits Coach International LLC (MBCI) focuses on your company’s employee benefits strategy, execution and ongoing benefits administration. Our products and services reflect the strength of our commitment to delivering seamless, consistent, high-quality and world-class client service – with local support and down-to-earth fee structures for large enterprise businesses. MBCI has helped some of California’s most dynamic companies develop into market leaders. We want to partner with you on your journey to market leadership.

Over the past 30 years, we have grown from focusing on southern California’s individuals and families, small businesses and large corporations in various insurance capacities to helping companies across the country, many with needs reaching across the pond. We are involved in many fine local, regional and national professional associations, and we give back to the community whenever and however we can.

“Actions speak louder than words, Sweet Pea!” – Nana

People say they like us (yep, surprises us every time!) because we are seasoned and personable enough to boil technical terms down to the essence.  One manufacturing client said, “We should have asked you about this first.  Whatever the challenge, you really know how to chew it up and spit it out!”  (Um, thank you…?)  Our illustrious leader, Karen Marie Hsu, has been referred to as the “Benefits Mom” on more than one occasion by an appreciative employee she just helped out of a jam.  She simplifies the normally tedious and intimidating stuff we know as employee benefits or health insurance so much that the employees at a large local pharmaceutical firm applauded and cheered after a customized employee benefits meeting she led.  And the next.  And the next. (Yep, you read that right.  You just read “cheered” and “employee benefits meeting” in the same sentence.)

We also like to think our experience speaks for itself. It includes and is not limited to:

  •   Helping a budding local high tech business cover employees around Southern California and in Seattle, Washington; Frankfurt, Germany; and Cypress, Greece, to;
  •   Helping a local biotech manage company growth from just under 300 employees to nearly 1,500 (and that’s just San Diego);
  •   Showing a two-employee real estate development startup how to gather the documents required to implement a group plan so they would have a killer benefits program to offer new hires;
  •   Finding a solution for an anxious mom whose daughter in Africa just informed her she’s decided to stay another semester – and her insurance ends at the end of the month, which is next Monday;
  •   Showing a local small group manufacturer how to ethically avoid an issue that would have doubled their company medical plan premium and put them out of compliance;
  •   Helping a local mortgage network company grow from 90 to 800 employees in 10 months while saving them more than $200,000 in annual premium.

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Nominated For Family-Owned Business Of The Year With San Diego Business Journal

Nominated For National Best Practices Leader at Marsh & McLennan

Earned “All Hands” Award For Client & Colleague Development After Just Six Months With The San Diego Office (Marsh/Mercer)

Wrote Lead Articles For The San Diego Business Journal’s Special Insert At The 2010 Rollout Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA)