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Save Time
With Customized, Done-For You, Agent-Supported Open Enrollment Process And New Hire Onboarding ​

Save Time
We Schedule 1-On-1 Remote Employee Meetings To Educate Them About Their Benefits And Help Them Choose & Enroll

No Cost
We Give You And Your Employees Access To A Robust Online Benefits Portal That Houses Benefits Plan Documents

No Cost
Access To Mineral, One Of The Most Interactive HR Tools Available. Be Amazed By Access To Seasoned HR Professionals For Answers In Real Time, Launch Required Employee Trainings, Build Job Descriptions In English And Spanish And More

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Founder, president and head coach at My Benefits Coach International Insurance Solutions – and often referred to by clients and employees as the “Benefits Mom,” Karen Marie Hsu is known for her caring leadership. She and her team specialize in company, executive and personal life, health, and disability insurance and, better yet, are passionate about helping you understand these important coverages and how they can all work together for your good.


Creating Strategies, Educating Clients & Inspiring Informed Choices

My Benefits Coach International LLC is a business and consumer resource for healthcare solutions.


Our signature is our process:  

Discovery:  We learn about you and your goals.

Game Plan:  We use what we learn and work with you to devise a custom game plan to reach your objectives.

Implementation:  Our done-for-you agent-supported, online benefits enrollment and tracking system helps keep your company compliant while engaging employees via 1:1 safe, remote private health plan education and election sessions.

All offered at no charge to the company.  Yep, you read that right.

We offer credibility underscored by coaching, and technology with a human touch.  And we aim to back it up every day.

Benefits That Mean Business.

We Help You And Your Company Save Time And Money By:

    • Reviewing No-Nonsense Strategies for Individuals, Families, Business Owners and Executives To Ensure Best Value For Health Care Dollars
    • Giving You An Agent-Supported, Done-For-You Online System That Educates, Engages And Enrolls Employees Via Remote 1:1 Sessions
    • Our Seasoned Benefits Advisors Capture Forms And Signatures Electronically, Bird-Dog Stragglers, And Help Keep You Out Of Trouble
    • Ongoing Real-Time Benefits Onboarding and Seasoned Human Resources Support Via Access To Mineral (formerly ThinkHR)
    • Mineral  – A Robust  Benefits And HR Resource Online Portal for Employers, Administrators And Employees That Houses Your Custom Benefits Data
      • Launch Your Employee Handbook In English and Spanish
      • Template Library For Job Descriptions, Covid-19 Protocols Et Al
      • Launch And Track Required Employee Training
      • OSHA
      • Daily State And Federal Legislation Change Notifications
      • Provided At No Cost To Our Awesome Clients




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My Benefits Coach International Insurance Solutions focuses on strategy, execution, ongoing benefits administration and — most importantly — you and your company! Our products and services reflect the strength of our commitment to delivering seamless, consistent, high-quality and world-class client service — with local service and no-BS fee structures (fees apply only to custom services for large/enterprise clients.)

MBCI works with a number of California’s most dynamic, award-winning companies. Our team has enviable expertise as longstanding, trusted business advisors. Our experience gives us the broad scope and vision to really see where your company stands and where it is headed, keeping your goals in mind. So let’s partner up and get started on your yellow brick road to market leadership.



 Personal Protection Plan

The first step in any healthy relationship is getting to know each other. We’ll listen to your and/or your family’s unique goals in order to help you figure out which insurance will be your perfect match.  And we’d be honored to be a part of any or all of your family’s milestones in life, with the full protection of you and your loved ones top of mind.



 Individual & Family Health, Dental & Vision

Just like a good pair of jeans, you want your insurance to be the right fit. We’ll help you determine core coverage that will make you feel good.


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Life Insurance & Annuities

You might be thinking to yourself, “What’s the difference?” or even, “These are two different things?!” Don’t stress — we’ll help you learn the benefits of each and which product is right for you.


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College Planning

One of your birds is in high school and you want to be proactive about getting him or her ready to leave the nest? Deep breath! Take a beat. We’ll show you how to gain access to a strategic college selection tool for your teen and help you figure out how the heck to pay for higher education.  We also provide coverage for those cool out-of-country semesters.



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College Planning 1

International Coverage

Heading on your dream trip to Europe? Have a kiddo planning to spend a semester abroad? We’ve got you covered, but make sure to send us a postcard!


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Medicare Explained

Huddle up!  Here’s our game plan:  If you’re turning 65 or becoming eligible due to a disability or diagnosis of ESRD, we’ll tackle Medicare with some education and help manage your expectations by walking through next steps together and assigning a clear timeframe to get them done.  We’ll help you activate Parts A & B, transition from employment to retirement smoothly  and enroll in the health plan that best suits your needs by ensuring your fave doctors and required medications will all be covered.  And all while avoiding  those scary potential penalties. 


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Tell Us What’s Going On With You

Teamwork makes the dream work. Send us an inquiry and we’ll send a factfinder by secure email to protect your private information and we’ll help you figure out what plan will be best for you.



 Centers of Influence

Don’t worry if we’re not a perfect match. If you need help in an area we think another expert can better address, we won’t turn into a crazy ex. We’ll make a referral to a business resource we value and in whom you can trust.





What do you trust more:  Recommendations from a friend or the Internet? We hope you picked the former because we have a whole list of insurance options lined up just for you!  We care about helping you put the right products in place for your protection.

First Thing’s First

WAIT! Before we dive in further, let’s go over things one more time.  We want to make sure you know the risks of waiting to install various products later vs. now so you may make informed decisions. It’s all about your winning game plan.


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Ready to enroll? We’re so excited for you and we’ll walk you through the entire process.  Easy-peasy.

 Ongoing Service

As the legendary Bill Withers once said, “We all need somebody to lean on.” We’ll stick with you through thick and thin after your benefits are launched.  Just ask any of our clients.  Simply reach out when you need a hand and we’ll help you shred whatever challenges are afoot so you may stick to the business of enjoying what you love.


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Small Business Benefits Review

With a handcrafted strategy unique to you and your company, we’ll make sure to check every box of the benefits renewal decision process. We’ll remain available to help plan throughout the year.

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Enterprise Corporate Benefits Analysis

Yay, or nay? Success, or needs-to-be-addressed? Learn what’s working for your company and make changes to position your benefits program for the future and build a comprehensive and impressive benefits portfolio. It’s all about future-pacing and planning the right winning moves.

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We adapt a thoughtful, strategic, custom Gantt timeline for small and enterprise business clients by gleaning input from team members to keep all timeframes, deadlines and contingencies in mind as we plan your renewal or new benefits implementation.  This tool keeps the collective team’s eyes on the implementation or open enrollment prize in a  thoughtful, strategic way. 

Link to small biz timeline template:

Small Business Renewal Action Timeline            Enterprise Business Renewal Pre-Planning Timeline


Corporate Communications

We’ll tailor compliant employee benefits communications for open enrollment and intermittent education reminders as payroll stuffers.  And whatever else you need. Our wish is your command!  (Some services included. Large projects are fee-based.  Translation available.) 

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HR & Compliance Support

We provide valued clients with free real-time access senior HR professionals and – Oh! – up-to-date, compliant employee handbooks in English and Spanish, a library of job description templates and so many other documents and so much more.  Real tools to champion real business owners and HR people.  No matter your level in the business, we’ll make you the expert.

Check Out Our People  Risk Management Brochure:

Download Risk Management Brochure


Done-For-You Implementation & Open Enrollment

With the perfect balance of technology and human touch (no Terminator situations here) — we drive your implementation and renewal process in collaboration with you.  How great would it be to have a team of licensed benefits professionals educate and enroll your employees, bird-dog stragglers and walk new hires through their benefits onboarding, collect all forms and email them to you? (That was a rhetorical question!) We also provide custom benefits and compensation statements for you to distribute to each of your employees at no cost to you.

International Coverage

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Working abroad? First of all, jealous. Second, we have you and your employees covered — even across the pond.




Benefits Benchmarking Analysis

We’ll help you size up the competition by comparing benefits offered by others in your industry.


Pre-Renewal Planning

A simple timeline with everyone’s input goes a long way to keeping team members on track to a successful renewal. Keep your eyes on the prize!

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Market Comparison Review

How does your company stack up? We’ll let you know! We’ll discuss employee survey results, any changes in company finances and demographics, market trends and opportunities to move your benefits program way up the ladder.





We know how hard you’ve worked to get your company where it is today. We’ll work just as hard to construct a benefit plan that fits your company like a glove.


Centers of Influence

If you need help in an area I think another expert can better address, we’ll make a referral to a business resource we value and in whom you can trust.


Benefits Enrollment

One small step for you, a giant step for your company’s future! We can’t wait to get to know your employees as our team of licensed benefits professionals guide them through the benefit enrollment process. Our online benefits and administration tool boasts a 98% employee satisfaction rate.

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Ongoing Service

None of us succeeds alone.  We’ll be here to support you, your team and your employees throughout the benefits plan year.  We’ll have a preliminary meeting to discuss the level of support desired, swim lanes and address any questions or concerns you may have.